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Pink Pewter began with one, clear-cut ambition: developing unique
accessories inspired by the latest fashion trends. As a creative
hairstylist, I was constantly coming across the same old hairstyles—the
usual “in” looks that become well-worn after a brief period. I
understood that, while fashion trends shifted at an exciting pace,
hairstyles had a much longer lifespan which, after a short time, became
ho-hum maintenance projects. But this inspired me to create a line of
fashionable hair accessories that would not only transform and revitalize old looks in just minutes, but also keep pace with modern couture.
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Shelly Flexible Wrap-Blue & Pink SALE REG $25 Shelly Flexible Wrap-Blue  SALE REG $25 Maribela #2  SALE REG $15
Maribela #4 SALE REG $15 Brie Beaded Headband SALE REG $18 Charity Stretch Band-Silver SALE REG $60
Makenzie Stretch Band-Silver SALE REG $75 Lorelei Detachable Stretch Bandi-Silver SALE REG $50 Bianca Beaded Hair Jewels SALE REG $28
Sheridan Stretch Band-Black SALE REG $25 Pandora Stretch Band-Turquoise or Multi SALE REG $25 Annabel Stretch Band-Multi SALE REG $55
Rikki Stretch Band-Gold SALE REG $35 April Stretch Band SALE REG $30 Dannika Stretch Band in Gunmetal SALE REG $42
Angelina Stretch Band-Silver SALE REG $50 Kinsley Stretch Band-Green Multi  SALE REG $40 Harley Stretch Band-Gold SALE REG $30